Medical Weight Loss:

Medical weight loss programs are physician guided programs. Weight loss is now considered an ongoing measure similar to persistent illnesses. As we age, nearly all adults continue to add on pounds. Medical weight loss programs use medications and other methods to effectively shed pounds. Medical weight loss programs are more successful in weight loss outcomes than in exercise alone. However, exerciser is very important in maintaining optimal health. In order to maintain weight loss, no matter how the pounds were lost, an ongoing method is mostly required for continued long term benefits.

Medical Weight Loss Programs

Rapid weight loss program:

Lose 20 pounds in three weeks:

A comprehensive medical weight loss program. Includes consulting with a physician in addition to chef inspired meal planning for long term lifestyle changes and results. Recommend completing 2-3 cycles of the program to maximize results. Most patients are candidates for this program and the majority lose 20 pounds in three weeks. All patients who complete the program exactly as instructioned lose 20 pounds in three weeks to date at our facility.

  • $3600

Short term weight loss program:

Lose 20 pounds in six months with weekly injections of micronutrients that assist fat burning. Also, receive oral weight loss meds for a six month period. After six months a holiday period is recommended or enroll in one of our other weight loss programs.

 –  $1680

GLP-1 weight loss program:

Lose 20 pounds in three months with weekly glucagon mimicking peptide 1 injections. Includes weight loss coaching encouraging dietary changes that can enhance these results. Recommend continuing this program for 18 months for maximum results. This weight loss program is very popular and results can be exemplary with continued use.

  • $2250

Mood related weight loss:

Lose 20 pounds in four months and keep it off with an ongoing medicated weight loss regimen. Naltrexone is given along with an anti-depressant. In combination the medications can decrease cravings in addition to appetite. Recommend maintainance on this program for prolonged periods of time. Certain patients may not be candidates for this program.


Moderate weight loss program:

Lose up to 15 pounds in three months with a combination of the weight loss medication Phentermine combined with Topiramate. This program has a program length of up to six months. Conversion to an alternative program is possible.


Basic weight loss or maintenance program:

Lose up to 20 pounds in six months with injectable micronutrients and mild diuretics along with weight loss coaching and recommendations. Every three months patients receive an IV weight loss booster.



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