Los Angeles plastic surgeon - Breast AugmentationHave genetics have cheated you out of the breasts you dream about, you can do something about it besides padding your bra. Dr. Debra Stafford specializes in breast augmentation and will thoroughly discuss the options with you. You can increase your breast size safely with a variety of FDA approved available breast implants. You can make your breasts symmetrical for the first time. You can have higher and firmer breasts. The options include aa conservative enhancement to something more dramatic. You get to decide. After consulting with Dr Stafford, you will posses an understanding of the options available and what you are a candidate for and what results to anticipate.

Breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the US. The process changes the shape and size of your breasts without interfering with anything else. Most women find they can breastfeed a baby just fine after implant surgery. If this is a concern, please let Dr. Stafford know.

Who is a candidate for breast augmentation?

Candidates for breast augmentation are generally healthy individuals who desire a more shapely bosom. If a patient has a well controlled medical condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure, they may also be candidates. Discuss with Dr Stafford the options.

How is the procedure performed?

A number of options exist when it comes to breast augmentation. The options can be very confusing for many people because each board certified plastic surgeon will perform the augmentation based on their experiences and preferences.

What are my options for implants?

It is a great time to be a women these days when it comes to breast implant options. The above applies to the plastic surgeon as well. There are a large variety of implants options available to the patient as well as the surgeon. Material include, saline, silicone, and cohesive silicone. Shapes include, round or shaped implants. The round implants range from very, very high profile (high projection) to the original classic profile which is a flatter implant. The surface of the implant is can be either smooth or textured. There is an implant available that would be highly ideal in almost any women. These implants have been extensively tested and have been deemed safe with minimal risk by the FDA. Dr Stafford will consult with every patient to help them choose the correct implant and size for them.

What are the pros and cons of silicone breast implants?

Silicone implants are softer and more malleable than saline implants thus look and feel more natural when placed for breast augmentation. However, silicone implants require a slightly larger incision for placement although the incision length has decreased and the ease of placement of the implant has improved with the use of the Keller Funnel device. The silicone implant is a more higher priced device as opposed to saline implants and detection of a implant rupture is often more difficult because the implant does shrink in size secondary to absorption of the fill material. Thus, the only way to reliably detect a silicone rupture in many instances is with an expensive

MRI (the FDA recommends that a periodic MRI be performed to confirm the intergrity of the silicone implant). The FDA has also in the last few years identified a possible association between silicone breast implants and anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL). ALCL is a very rare type of cancer involving the immune system. ALCL can develop in various parts of the body including the breast although it is not a type of breast cancer because the cancer does not develop from mammary cells. The possible association between ALCL and silicone breast implants has not been fully delineated. Questions include, is the possible association related to the silicone fill material or is there an association between the fill material and a textured shell. Much is unknown about this potential link. The only thing that can be stated definitvely is that ALCL in the breast is diagnosed in only 3 in 100 million women a year in the US according to the National Cancer Institute.

What are the pros and cons of saline breast implants?

At one point, saline implants were the sole breast implants available in the US for women undergoing primary aesthetic breast augmentation thus saline implants have a long track record of safety. Saline implants can also be placed via a smaller incision in compared to silicone implants and are less expensive in costs. Rupture is also easily diagnosed as the implant that contains the ruptured implant will go flat. The negatives of saline implants includes a firmer feel and and increased possibility of rupture especially in thinner patients.

What are the pros and cons of cohesive implants?

Cohesive implants are the newest type of silicone implant. It retains it’s shape thus makes an ideal shaped implant and also provides the least amount of rippling; thus, may be ideal for very thin women. The negatives include a higher price tax and difficulty in diagnosing a rupture.

Shaped vs round implants.

Shaped possess the shape of a “teardrop”; thus, they have a slope in the upper portion that leads to more fullness in the lower portion of the implant. The cohesive implant leads itself more readily to shaping because the silicone holds it’s shape. The cohesive shaped implant will give results that would be less typical of an augmented look as opposed to round implants. Round implants are the same dimensions throughout the diameter. The benefits of round implants range from ease of placement and implant shifting will not effect the shape of the breast.

Smooth vs textured implants

Historically, plastic surgeons generally prefer a smooth implant in a primary breast augmentation patient although textured implants are recently gaining in popularity. Smooth implants are easier to place

Where is the procedure performed?

Dr Stafford performs breast augmentation under general anesthesia in a certified surgery center or hospital. IV sedation and local anesthesia can be used instead of general anesthesia if requested by the patient in certain cases.

Location of the implants

In general, the implants are placed sub muscular although

conditions do exist where the preference is to place the implant sub glandular. The preference for a sub muscular implant is based on the decreased incidence of capsular contracture (hardening and contracture of the tissue around the implant) and decreased incidence of visible rippling of the implant resulting in an overall more natural appearance. A sub glandular placement of the implant may be appropriate in breasts that are posses loose skin. The somewhat compressive aspect of the pectoral muscle does not exist in the sub glandular location and allows the implant to expand more effectively thus better filling out the loose skin.

What are my options for the incisions?

Both silicone and saline implants can be placed via an areolar, infra mammary or axillary incision. Saline implants can also be placed via an umbilical incision using specialized equipment. Each incision site possesses advantages and disadvantages. The position of the incision will depend upon physician and patient preferences. Overall, the final appearance of all of the incisions generally heal very well with minimal conspicuousness.

What is the recovery?

Recovery varies from patient to patient; however, generally speaking, patients can return to activities of daily life in 72 hours and may return to a non physical job in 5-7 days. Oral narcotics are provided after the procedure. The use of acetaminophen and ibuprofen is also encouraged. Post operative antibiotics are also provided. Patient may walk immediately after surgery and can walk vigorously after seven days wearing the support bra provided immediately after surgery. Low impact exercise such as yoga, biking, steppers, bar exercise or low grade dance, and push ups and weight lifting with light weights is allowed after four weeks. Swimming is allowed after six weeks. High impact exercise including Zumba, hip hop dance, heavy jogging and running, calisthenics etc. is allowed after three months. Lifetime wearing of a strong support bra is recommended during any high impact exercise to protect the position of the implant. An underwire bra can be worn after four weeks.


If genetics cheated you out of the breasts you want, you can do something about it. Dr. Debra Stafford specializes in breast augmentation. With completely safe solid silicon implants, you can increase your breast size. You can make your breasts symmetrical for the first time. You can have higher and firmer breasts. You get to decide.

Breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the US. The process changes the shape and size of your breasts without interfering with anything else. Most women find they can breastfeed a baby just fine after implant surgery. If this is a concern, please let Dr. Stafford know.

If you are interested in having better breasts, just fill out this short form. Someone from the office will be in touch to answer your questions and schedule a consultation visit.

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